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Please join us for the GDC Gala on August 14!

About The Challenge

Propelled by an aspiration to bring outstanding young talents together with dance luminaries in support of the progression of innovation in dance, Global Dance Challenge offers an outstanding international platform for young dancers with an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their work to internationally renowned teachers, choreographers and directors from some of the most distinguished companies.

Culminating in Canada’s cultural hub, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, participants will gain exclusive access to world class coaching sessions and masterclasses before performing at the semi-finals, and then the final, where they will compete for a range of medals, awards and scholarships to assist them in continuing their pursuit of fulfilling their artistic dreams.

Special Messages

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

"I would like to congratulate the dancers for their dedication and for sharing their artistry with others. You should all be proud of your efforts and accomplishments. I would also like to commend the organizers for enriching Vancouver’s diversity and cultural life through the art of dance."

Hedy Fry

Member of Parliament

"This week provides artists with the chance to display their talents, gain experience, and be recognized through awards and scholarships for years of sacrifice and dedication. As an enthusiast for the arts, I encourage you all to continue the hard work and have a great experience."

Mélanie Joly

Minister of Canadian Heritage

“I would like to thank everyone who brought this year’s Global Dance Challenge to life and made it possible for these young artists to enjoy this unique experience. I offer best wishes to all the dancers taking part.”


Global Dance Challenge Official Hotel of Choice

The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver