Registration Fee

  • $49 per entry, due upon completion of registration form.*

Within 15 business days of successful receipt of registration, the artistic committee will evaluate the audition video and notify the candidate whether they have been accepted into the Semi-Final round in Vancouver.

* Participants holding People's Republic of China citizenship must apply through GDC China office for fees and additional information.


Semi-Final Entry Fees:

For all competitors accepted into the Semi-Final round, the following competition fees will be due on July 25, 2019.

Stage competition fee (80% of your performance mark):

  • First Solo: $249 per dancer
  • Pas de Deux or Duet: $349 total
  • Groups (3-6 people): $349 total
  • Ensemble (7+ people): $449 total

For Pas de Deux/duets, Groups and Ensembles only one main representative need register and submit the audition video.

Global Dance Challenge Masterclass Experience (Counts for 20% of your performance mark):

  • $250 per person

The Marked Masterclasses are mandatory for all competitors and is an integral part of the Global Dance Challenge. Competitors who are only competing in a PDD, Group or Ensemble will have to submit payment for the masterclasses separately. If your entry for PDD, Group or Ensemble entry is accepted to compete in the semi-final round, you will be contacted with instructions on how to complete the registration process for individual members of your PDD, group or ensemble.

Masterclass fees only need to be paid once per competitor, even if competitor is performing in multiple categories.

Additional solo entries:

All entries must pay the $49 registration fee. If the participant is accepted into the semi-finals in more than one solo category or sub category each additional solo/variation is $49.

* The Fees are all inclusive for one category and includes your participation, coaching session, Gala performance and gala performance ticket.

Please note all fees are subject to Canadian taxes.

Registration Policies:

  • Registration and video submissions will be accepted until June 30, 2019
  • There are no refunds and no exceptions for the Registration Fee.
  • If you would like to register for more than one category or more than one entry
  • within a category a separate registration form and video submission must be made for each additional solo submitted.
  • The registration fees do not contain insurance for the participants. GDC assumes no liability for a dancer’s participation during the contest duration.
  • Refunds of the Semi-Final Fees are issued only in the event of an injury, with a deduction of a $75 processing fee. In the event of an injury, GDC should be notified immediately by the participant, parent, or teacher via All refund requests must be accompanied by a physician’s note.


Registration Steps

  1. Review Entrance Qualifications, Rules & Regulations, and Fees before proceeding to registration.

  2. Submit online registration form with video link, acknowledge release agreement, and pay registration fee through Paypal or e-transfer.

    For PDDs, Groups & Ensembles: only one representative’s information is required at the time of registration.

    Acceptance into the competition is based on the audition video you submit. This video has to show the participant clearly visible in rehearsal or onstage, and must not be older than one year. The video must not exceed 5 minutes in length.

  3. The GDC team will send out a confirmation receipt of the participant’s successful registration to the email address provided.

    If there are any issues with the registration form, such as wrong category/age division or missing video link, at this stage the GDC team will be in touch with the participant to resolve problems and confirm details within 5 business days of initial registration.

    Should there be any confusion with which category or age division the participant belongs in, GDC reserves the right to place the participant in the rightful category or age division and notify the participant of the changes. The participant has 5 business days to respond to the email or forfeit the competition.

    If the participant fails to hear back from the GDC team within 15 business days of registration, please contact to follow up.

  4. Within 15 business days of successful registration, the GDC artistic committee will evaluate the audition video and notify the candidate whether they have been accepted into the Semi-Final round in Vancouver.

    If accepted into the Semi-Finals, the participant will receive instructions on how to reserve their slot for the Semi-Final via e-mail. Failure to pay the Semi-Final Entry Fee within 10 business days of receiving the acceptance email will result in a forfeit.

Important information for those accepted into the Semi-Final round:

Performance-quality music in MP3 format must be sent to by July 25th, 2019

Don’t forget to apply for your temporary visitor’s visa (if necessary), book plane tickets, and accommodation. Check out our Visiting Vancouver section for more information!

See you at Global Dance Challenge on August 8th, 2019!


Registration Form

Choose Your Category


Choose Your Age Division (Age as of August 14, 2019))


Choose Variation


Personal Details* Mandatory fields

Partner's Personal Details* Mandatory fields


Video Link

All dancers should be filmed in either a rehearsal or a performance. Applicants may use a costume or class attire (with no additional accessories). If sending a video from a performance, the video must only feature the applicant(s) of the Global Dance Challenge. Viewing material must be filmed within approximately 12 months prior to the competition date. Edited and/or altered viewing material will not be considered. Please provide most recent video available!

If you have problems with video uploading or linking your video on the registration form, please kindly contact us at


Payment Details

After you submit this registration form, you will be directed to the payment page, where you will then select between three payment options: (1) Wechat Pay or (2) e-transfer or (3) PayPal. Please note that PayPal also processes credit and Visa Debit payments.

In order for GDC to match your registration fee to your registration form, please provide the name and email of the credit card, debit card or bank account holder:


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